"Wiping the Slate Clean" Re: Possession of Marijuana Convictions in Connecticut

A very recent and important announcement regarding those that stand convicted of possessing less than ½ oz of marijuana, these convictions can now be erased, literally erased as if they’ve never happened. One might think this type of almost inconsequential conduct, that many people might have engaged in their younger years, would carry little to no consequence. I can tell you a number of my clients over the years, from a simple possession charge of marijuana, have had difficulty getting jobs for literally years. Indeed, I have spoken to many Human Resources professionals at larger companies who simply say when given the choice between a candidate with a simple marijuana conviction from as long as ten (10) years ago, they would choose the person with the clean record, no matter how persuasive or otherwise impressive they might be.Regardless of how you may feel about the recreational use of marijuana, most would tend to agree that an infraction such as this should not so adversely affect an individual so as to stop them from advancing in their careers for years and years. If you don’t believe it, lets think about the stigma this innocuous conduct can bring. Many of you will remember our President, Bill Clinton, claiming he “didn’t inhale” when pressed about his recreational marijuana use in the process of running for President. It simply seems counter-intuitive that the law would intend such a result. Accordingly, Connecticut’s Supreme Court, has just decided, albeit some time after Connecticut’s decriminalization (not legalization) of the simple possession of less than a half ounce of marijuana, that an individual can now apply and have granted dismissal of the underlying conviction and actual erasure of the charges, having the police reports and fingerprint cards destroyed.

For your reference, and further perusal, the name of the case is STATE OF CONNECTICUT v. NICHOLAS M. MENDITTO (SC 19272).

My office has pursued numerous petitions for erasure and dismissal. Like a conviction of a crime can be binding and condemning with far reaching results, erasure can be just as liberating. The process does take time but the outcome can be extremely positive. I encourage you to contact my office and get started today.