Victory in the Connecticut Appellate Court: Attorney's Suspension Reversed After Finding of Due Process Violation.

As amicus curiae, the Law Offices of Charles Kurmay on behalf of Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (CCDLA) helped bring an appeal of the Superior Court’s decision (Judge Blue) to suspend Attorney John Williams from the practice of law for a period of twenty (20) days. Attorney Williams, who is one of the most experienced and venerable criminal defense and trial lawyers in Connecticut, was accused of willfully violating a court order.

Due process requires the court to give lawyers adequate notice of and time to prepare for a suspension hearing. The Court of Appeals agreed with Williams’ position that his due process rights were violated, after an impromptu suspension hearing went forward immediately following a highly contested jury trial without the opportunity to review court transcripts of any alleged misconduct.

In issuing its decision the Court noted that “Williams…was entitled [to due process which requires] a properly noticed hearing regarding his conduct and whatever sanction might be appropriate, and…time to time to prepare for that hearing.” Accordingly, the Court of Appeals reversed and remanded the case back to the Superior Court for a new hearing.