A Stratford police officer accused of using excessive force has been placed on paid administrative leave and a town councilman has been arrested. The incident began when police were called to break up a fight at the intersection of Wood End Road and Birdseye Street in the town’s south end. According to Councilman Alvin O’Neal, Police Officer David Gugliotti picked up 15-year-old Titasheen Mitchell, slammed her on a car and punched her in the face twice. Mitchell’s mother says she had to take her daughter to the emergency room. In his police report, Gugliotti noted that he was just defending himself after Mitchell punched him in the mouth. The report also says O’Neal was arrested for interfering with the officers and disobeying their commands. The department, however, has not commented on the case. Related Story Police arrest Stratford Councilman O’Neal during altercation.

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