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Probate, Probate Litigation, and Estate Planning services

Your clients count on you to provide them with excellent representation. When their needs include probate issues or estate planning, you can trust the expertise of the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay to help. We are outfitted to assist you in representing your client with a retired probate judge of 37 years, experienced attorneys, former probate clerks, and other professionals. We can effectively augment your capabilities to make your representation more efficient, and effective.

Settlement Solutions

While in routine cases, law firms can compromise the claims of their clients in a local probate court, some matters require more sophisticated assistance. As most types of governmental aid are asset and income-dependent, when your client has sustained a life-altering injury resulting in permanent disability and you achieve a settlement or verdict on their behalf, we can help you protect the result you achieved. Protecting the hard-fought settlement or verdict that you obtained requires the implementation of effective strategies to maximize its value and to ensure the settlement will assist them and their families well into the future for years to come.

Avoid the Exposure and Headaches of Difficult Cases

Representing your clients in probate and estate matters may seem like an appealing prospect for your firm to handle in-house. But did you know that the area of Trusts and Estates is in the top 4 areas of reported malpractice claims? This area of law is full of traps for the unwary. Many attorneys with extensive experience in other legal matters have found themselves needlessly exposed to damaging liability from a lack of familiarity with the complexities of probate, trust, and estate issues.

Trustworthy Colleagues

Our firm focuses on probate matters, providing comprehensive probate services in the Probate, Superior, and District Courts. Our founder has over 25 years of experience and the Hon. F. Paul Kurmay (ret.) is a former Probate Judge and Probate Court Administrator, serving Of Counsel to the firm. Together, providing insights and guidance on the most complex probate issues and workings of the Probate Courts. We are also happy to assist lawyers and firms in estate administration, conservatorship, guardianships, probate appeals, and international inheritance and property cases should the need arise.

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