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At the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay, we specialize in addressing trustee misconduct, ensuring the integrity and purpose of trust agreements are upheld. Trustee misconduct can jeopardize the objectives of a trust and the rights of beneficiaries. We provide comprehensive guidance to identify and address such misconduct.

Identifying Trustee Misconduct

Trustee misconduct can occur in various forms, including
refusals to communicate and/or share records, mismanagement of assets, failures to balance competing interests of income beneficiaries versus remaindermen (those who take after the income beneficiary(ies) have passed away, non-adherence to trust terms, and/or conflicts of interest. Beneficiaries and grantors must be vigilant in recognizing these warning signs. A trustee’s role demands selfless service to the trust’s beneficiaries transparency, and consistent, effective communication; deviations from these standards are red flags.

Navigating Legal Responses

When trustee misconduct is suspected, understanding the legal
responses is essential. The Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay, with a focus on trust and estate
law, offers thorough guidance in these complex situations. The Connecticut Probate Court’s jurisdiction has been expanded in recent years to give the parties greater access to the courts. We can assist you in ensuring your interests are represented and holding a trustee accountable should it be necessary.

Proactive Trust Management

To prevent trustee misconduct, creating a well-drafted trust document is key. Our team ensures that your trust includes clear terms, effective checks and balances, and defined trustee responsibilities. Regular trust reviews are also recommended to adjust to changes in circumstances or laws.

For those concerned about trustee misconduct, the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay are here to assist. Contact us to ensure your trust is managed faithfully and in line with your wishes. Schedule a consultation to protect your rights and assets. Click HERE to start safeguarding your trust.