In an era where the boundaries of asset ownership stretch far beyond national borders, the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay are at the forefront of navigating the complexities of cross-border estate planning and international probate litigation. This expertise is increasingly crucial for high-net-worth individuals and families with assets and interests spread across multiple countries.


Understanding Diverse Legal Systems: One of the foremost challenges in international estate planning is the diversity of legal systems. Each country has its unique set of laws governing estate distribution and probate processes. Our team at the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay specializes in understanding these diverse legal frameworks, ensuring that your estate plan is robust and compliant in every jurisdiction.


Strategic Tax Planning: Cross-border estate planning is intricately tied with tax implications. Our approach includes comprehensive tax planning to minimize liabilities, address potential issues of double taxation, and ensure efficient wealth transfer across borders.


Tailored Estate Plans: We understand that one size does not fit all in estate planning. Our attorneys craft personalized estate plans, considering the specificities of your international assets. This bespoke service ensures that your global legacy is protected and distributed according to your wishes.


Regular Estate Plan Reviews: The Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay emphasizes the importance of regular reviews of your estate plan. As laws change and personal circumstances evolve, we ensure your estate plan remains aligned with your objectives and compliant with international laws.


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