Legal guardians are an important option available to parents who wish to plan for the care of minor children in their absence due to a variety of situations, such as illness, incarceration, or death. Choosing a legal guardian allows parents to name a caregiver who can step in to provide decision-making concerning the protection, education, and care of their children.

Types of Legal Guardians

Generally speaking, there are five types of legal guardianships:
(1) a temporary guardian may be appointed if the parent of a minor is unable to care for their child for a time due to illness or absence for some other reason. (2) co-guardian is given if a parent or court-appointed guardian who is the sole caregiver of the minor petitions for the appointment of another person to serve with them. (3) a plenary guardian is appointed to care for those who are intellectually disabled. (4) a testamentary guardian is designated through a will or similar instrument where a court appoints a person to serve as guardian following the death of a minor’s parents. (5) a standby guardian takes effect on the occurrence of a specified contingency like a parent’s illness, death, or absence. Unlike other forms of guardianship, the Probate Court is not involved in the designation of a standby guardian.

Appointing a Legal Guardian

If a minor’s parents drafted will name a legal guardian, the Probate Court may appoint the guardian pursuant to the will after notice and hearing to the parties who have a right to be heard including the minor child him or herself. If a minor is in need of a different legal guardian during a parent’s lifetime, a person interested in the child’s life may file a petition to have the court remove the child’s current guardian, natural or otherwise, and appoint a different one.
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