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What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is an individual or organization has a special relationship of trust and confidence acting on your behalf, placing your interests ahead of their own, in good faith, and performing the duties with which you have entrusted them. This is not merely an ethical commitment; it is a legally binding obligation that is enforced pursuant to state statute. Fiduciary relationships are created by an individual appointing a person to be the trustee of their trust, the executor of their will, their power of attorney, or even a conservator in the event they become incapacitated and court intervention is necessary.

Why might you need a fiduciary?

At some point in your person’s lifetime, you will be served by another person in a fiduciary capacity. Be it trustee, executor, attorney in fact, or conservator, the fiduciary acting as your agent is obligated to serve your best interests, and do so selflessly, which is not always simple or easy. Who you choose to perform this act can be a critical choice.  In most situations, a family member or loved one is an appropriate choice. In some instances, however, they may be unable to do so for a myriad of reasons. They might not be the best manager of money, lack the skills and knowledge to carry out your wishes, or simply be too busy with their own lives to successfully accomplish the goal of protecting your wealth and shepherd it to its final destination. Frequently, conflicts of interest arise where a court ends up faced with honoring your choice of fiduciary or appointing a third party to do so. Selecting a trustworthy and experienced professional to serve as a fiduciary can avoid many if not most of these issues.

Providing Fiduciary Services as a Law Firm

Our firm frequently serves as executor, and trustee in the administration of decedent’s estates and trusts to assist individuals to see that their business is effectively conducted. Our team at the Law Offices of Charles L. Kurmay has extensive knowledge and experience in fulfilling these roles. Our attorneys have the requisite set of skills, experience, and the highest degree of ethical integrity to assist you and your loved ones in settling an estate, managing a trust for your children, or a fund you choose to create for a charity to dispose of your estate.

Fiduciary services we provide include: 

  • Being appointed as the executor of a Decedent’s estate through a will
  • Serving as trustee of a testamentary, charitable, or another trust

The attorneys of our firm understand the legal nuances of estates and trusts. We act with prudence, discretion, and with full transparency.

When serving in a fiduciary capacity and across all our practice areas, our lawyers have the ethical integrity, legal knowledge, and personal dedication necessary to put your needs and goals first, and help you achieve them.

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